Individual Coaching & Therapy, also online

In my personal coaching and therapy you receive intensive personal support. The nature and duration of this support will be tailored to your specific personal and professional situation. In the first session you will be offered a diagnosis on the basis of transformational psychology. It will become clear which vital theme is topical for you at this moment. You will acquire insight into the ongoing process and be given advice about number of sessions needed and the right attitude and position. An average pathway entails four to twelve sessions depending on your questions and subjects. If you are in a crisis or you want fast results, choose for the three-day Individual Retreat.

The following topics may be a reason to look for personal coaching support:

Linkage or energy connection – How can I make a deep connection with another person, also online. Both privately and in a work setting. (NEW)

Questions of meaningfulness What do I – deep down – really want from life; where do I really connect; what is it that really motivates me.

Important choices and decisions It is possible to clarify all the issues pertaining to making important decisions within a short period of time, by carefully investigating all different aspects of the problem, which will result in appropriate, lasting choices.

Stress When do I feel tense; how do I deal with my vulnerability; what is the role played by the different primary survival mechanisms; to what extent are they still effective, or do I need new behavior.

Exhaustion, lack of vitality Where do I lose energy takes and where do I find new energy? This is not limited to acquiring insight and receiving advice, but it will be experienced physically, which may lead to transformation of energy. Managing one’s own energy will be trained as well, for example switching between ‘personal’ energy and ‘impersonal’ energy, between closeness and distance, between action and being.

Lack of harmony and balance Which is the topical theme at this very moment; which polarities in your personality are important. An individual training will be given to improve dealing with this matter.

Problems in relations and with teamwork Become aware of your own role in a conflict; blocks in your own personality may be lifted and transformed. The complete situation will become more transparent, and you will develop the understanding and the means to contribute in a positive way to solutions or improvements.

Vision development Discover and develop your own personal and professional vision.

Prevention Generally speaking, awareness and experience of energy patterns, both within yourself and in the environment, will contribute to making appropriate and lasting decisions, to vitality in the individual and in the organization, and to a harmonious life-style and better teamwork.

More information

Do not hesitate to email or call me for information or a free introductory talk.

Robert Stamboliev MA
M: +31 6 51 60 77 58


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