Transformational work

Transformational Work is clear and diagnostic and at the same time brings an unprecendented degree of depth because of the energetic nature of the work.

It is an extremely effective, pragmatic and sustainable approach with questions of meaningfulness, stress and burnout, lack of harmony/balance, relationship issues, vision development and for liberating yourself of destructive emotions.

Transformational Work is a complete approach that can give us an experience and insight of the totality of our being. It is a synthesis of humanistic and transpersonal psychology and aims at integrating our physical, emotional. mental as well as spiritual energies. An important tool is the Voice Dialogue method, that can help us to amanage the tension between the opposing energy patterns in ourselves and to honor the different needs and aspirations of these energies.

When this transformational work results in integration and therefore balance and “becoming whole”, man can liberate himself from conditioning and become reconnected to his essence.

The ultimate goal of the work is to get to know ourselves in all dimensions, to acquire more possibilities of choice. As a result, the ensuing shift in our energy patterns also changes consciousness. This changing view of ourselves alters our possibilities for relationships and our place in the world.

To get started

Make a telephone call with Robert Stamboliev to get acquainted, followed by a first session in which there is a diagnosis, proposition for a custom made trajectory and the start of the transfornmational work.

Call Robert Stamboliev at +31 (0)6 51607758

Robert Stamboliev works internationally as a psychologist, senior trainer/coach/realtionship therapist. He is inspired to enhance consciousness in individuals and organisations. His approach? After a clear diagnosis follows a swift transformation, coaching ‘with a therapeutic touch’, eclectic, working from the ’empty middle’. Since 1984 Stamboliev puts the Voice Dialogue method on the map in Europe. He is the founder of the Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP).

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