House of Transformation

House of Transformation – Voice Dialogue Retreat

With Robert Stamboliev

The 7-day House of Transformation – Voice Dialogue Retreat is a program that provides unparalleled opportunities for intensive learning – a time to explore one’s inner world, experience the Voice Dialogue process and make a Next Step in one’s life. A slowing down of time, away from the daily routines in a special environment where being together, the meeting, interaction and exchange with one another will be a source of inspiration and lead to new insights. The group consist of a maximum of 16 participants and there will be at least 1 trainer on every 4 participants, in order to give each participant Voice Dialogue sessions.  This way of working gives abundant opportunity for personal work and in-depth coaching. It also guarantees that each participant can work on his or her level.

For whom?
The House of Transformation retreats are open for professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, trainers, carreer counselors, mediators, managers) who are looking for new inspiration and who wish to deeply experience this approach in order to make a Next Step in one’s life. During the week participants will develop more awareness about their own functioning, their dilemma’s and the parts that play a role in this. Work will be done to enhance the possiblities to choose.

The retreat will be held in our comfortable residence, nicely situated in the lovely village Bergen aan Zee, in a beautiful coastal region in the Netherlands.


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Content of the House of Transformation – Voice Dialogue Retreat
The following topics will be treated. The program is highly experiential. Participants will receive a Voice Dialogue session by an experienced facilitator.

  • Voice Dialogue method: theory of the Psychology of Selves and the experience in the form of sessions
  • Transformational Psychology and the Aware Ego and the applications to relationship (personal and work)
  • Working with the Inner Critic
  • Working with dreams, to recognise the Unconscious as an ally
  • The symbolic and meditative process
  • Different forms of body- and energywork
  • Journal writing

We are responsive to people’s needs as these are expressed, thus, each group is a unique experience. Attention will be paid to the group process and the themes and energies present in the moment.

The knowledge and experience acquired during a Voice Dialogue Transformational Retreat can be applied concretely in your personal and professional life in various ways:

  • A greater ability to relax and take some distance (retreat).
  • More awareness around the vital themes in your life, and more insight in the polarities that play a role (parts).
  • More Awareness about your vulnerability, survival mechanisms, challenges and pitfalls.
  • A greater ability to make clear choices (relationships, work, meaning in life).
  • Deepening by coming into contact with your unconscious (i.e. through dreams) and by recognising your unconscious as an ally.
  • More Awareness about energy: experiencing physical energy, energy fields, vitality.
  • A greater ability to take protect your vulnerability without disowning it.
  • Contact with your Inner Strength and a greater ability to use it.
  • Being able to use the principles of Transformational Psychology in your work.
  • A better balance between personal and impersonal energies.
  • A better balance between ‘action’ and ‘being’.
  • A greater ability to understand, recognize and handle the dynamics of relationship.

The book Embracing Our Selves by Hal and Sidra Stone has to be read before the start of the program.
There is also the book The energetics of Voice Dialogue by Robert Stamboliev as well as a number of articles by Robert Stamboliev that can be read as well, see:

Study load
The training lasts 5 days, 40 hours.

The training is in English and in subgroups people can work also in other languages.

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Dates House of Transformation – Voice Dialogue Retreats

  • in consultation

With Robert Stamboliev

Daily working schedule

  • First day 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm.
  • Middle days 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
  • Last day 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.


  • in consultation


  • The retreats are in Bergen NH, The Netherlands
  • Different kinds of accommodation are available in the Bergen area. We are also happy to assist you in this matter.

Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions, apply to all of our trainings.