Customized offers for training, also online

I have developed the educational and training programs of the ITP in the course of more than 30 years, in interaction with a selection of trainers and students. Next to that I have developed leadership programs for various organizations. I also enjoy facilitating the development of excellence of proces workers (trainers, coaches, therapists, managers, teachers). To Voice Dialogue facilitators I offer supervision and Masterclasses, worldwide.

From this wide background I can tune in to your specific needs for learning and development. It is possible to explore your question and develop a customized offer in the form of for instance a lecture, workshop, training, masterclass, demonstration session.

Possible topics:

  • Voice Dialogue theory, demonstration, training
  • Developing and maintaining vitality
  • Preventing burn-out and stress
  • Relationship as teacher
  • Integrating our Shadow
  • Playing with distance and closeness
  • Working with the Field
  • Selfmanagement
  • Using energy in coaching and therapy
  • Making fitting and sustainable choices
  • Inner freedom
  • Transformation of consciousness

Supervision for Voice Dialogue facilitators, individually and in small groups.

  • Working under supervision  means that a counsellor or psychotherapist uses the services of another counsellor or psychotherapist to review their work with clients, their professional development, and often their personal development as well.

You are very welcome to explore possibilities with me.

Mail or Telephone +31 6 51607758