Relationship Therapy & Coaching, also online

Short, intensive and result-oriented relationship therapy.

Our relationships are indeed a profound path for personal growth and transformation. I provide a safe, honouring and non-judgemental way of supporting relationship that is based on the philosophy of the Psychology of Selves. The approach is based on the equation that each partner shares equal responsibility and equal accountability for the health and well-being of the relationship. If you would like to realign your relationship by taking it towards true partnership this is a powerful method for change.

A lot is happening in your relationship. You are both willing to work on it. Still there seems to be a lack of time and you somehow are never able to find the right moment to sit together to work things out. Then the Relationship transformation (re)treat may be just the right option. During three days Robert Stamboliev is completely at your disposal to explore and deepen your relationship issues. Together with your partner you stay in the beautifull Dutch artist village Bergen and meet with me every morning and afternoon. The experience shows that such an intensive three-day personalised program can shed new light and bring new energy to the themes you are dealing with. Goal is to provide tools with which you can continue yourself. We offer relationship therapy in weekly or biweekly talks or in programmes lasting several days.

Three-day Relationship Therapy Retreat

The Relationship Therapy Retreat is the form most couples choose. Taking time to really give your situation some thought. Spread over three consecutive days, you will have five sessions. Followed by an aftercare sessions four weeks later to guarantee your progress. This intensive programme creates a breakthrough in your situation and gives your relationship a huge boost in a brief period. The Relationship Therapy Retreat can also take place during the weekend.

To bring about an optimum balance it is possible to work with two counsellors, a male and a female therapist. If you have a preference for this, enquire about the particularities and options.

I will be glad to welcome you to my atmospheric residence in the beautiful inspiring Bergen, North Holland.

Relationship therapy with Voice Dialogue and EFT

If you want to read more about how I work, then I recommend the following two books:

  • ‘Partnering: a new kind of relationship’ by Hal & Sidra Stone. Based on Voice Dialogue and the psychology of selves.
  • ‘Hold me tight’ by Sue Johnson, in which EFT is explained.


Curious about whether our relationship therapy fits in with your question or problem? Do not hesitate to email or call me for information or a free introductory talk. I will be happy to talk to you.

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